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About us

PowerLink, founded in 2001, is a manufacturer focusing on gas co-generation. PowerLink is committed to provide global users with advanced technology and excellent quality distributed co-generation equipment and system solutions for natural gas and biogas. There is one R&D center and three manufacturing sites across the world. PowerLink has a global distribution marketing network with more than 200 sales service providers in more than 100 countries, and has set up subsidiaries in China, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. PowerLink insists on providing professional and high-quality products and services for global users, and on providing advanced, environmentally friendly, safe and valuable green energy products and systems for users.

PowerLink Natural Gas Co-generation is suitable for industrial users such as hotels, hospitals, schools, clubs, large-scale commercial organisations and factories. It can also provide users with a system solution of tri-generation of heat,power and cold. The power ranges from 10 kW to 2000 kW, and this belongs to advanced distributed energy products. It can provide users with a new choice of energy supply, compared with traditional energy, the cost of energy from PowerLink's generator set is greatly reduced.

PowerLink biogas co-generation is suitable for anaerobic fermentation of organic matter in agriculture and animal husbandry or biogas power generation in COD degradation process of industrial organic wastewater. The output power of the unit is from 50 kW to 2000 kW. The generated power can be used for self-use or residual power transmission grid or all transmission grid. It belongs to advanced renewable distributed energy products and installed in large quantities in industrial and agricultural users.

PowerLink Gas Generator is suitable for natural gas, petroleum associated gas and low thermal value gas fuel. Its power output ranges from 12 kW to 2000 kW. It provides a complete solution for petroleum exploitation, traditional energy substitution and energy regeneration.

From concept to the delivery of the
finished product, we strictly implement the product quality system of ISO 9001:2000. Every product has passed the strict and standard manufacturing, testing and inspection processes to ensure reliable quality.

PowerLink is not only a single equipment manufacturer, but also a solution provider for energy systems in various industries. It develops, manufactures, distributes, run projects, provide services, and invests in distributed energy resources in the field of energy equipment. PowerLink has become a global advanced, green, environmentally friendly and safe energy system supplier.

In the field of natural gas application, it provides an independent, safe and efficient distributed energy system for hotels, hospitals, schools, fitness clubs, commercial buildings, greenhouses and other places. It generates heat and electricity for users, with an energy efficiency of over 82%.

In the field of biogas application, biogas produced by anaerobic treatment in the fields of paper mill, food factory, agricultural breeding, municipal solid waste, sewage treatment and so on, is utilised to provide efficient co-generation of heat and power, heat generated can be for anaerobic fermentation,  and the electricity generated can be used by the plant for its own use, or can be transmitted to the city grid.

Service Aim

  • High Efficiency
    High efficient service meets the needs of our customers.
  • Professional
    Becoming the expert in this product field.
  • Innovation
    Respect the value of our staff, exert its potential, encourage the innovation.
  • Honest
    Follow the politics strictly; have honest business ethics.
  • Development
    Consider employees self-development, growth, and have constant promotion.
  • Responsibility
    For consumers, customers, businesses, and the society.

Expansion of business scope

In other countries and regions, based on our rich experience in design, operation and maintenance of natural gas and biogas co-generation systems, we are able to provide Powerlink’s global gas co-generation equipment, gas gensets, thermal management systems, biogas desulphurisation equipment, biogas drying equipment, biogas flare torches, system engineering automation control, project life cycle management software, power transmission and distribution equipment agencies, project contracting companies, energy investment institutions, etc. with investment budget analysis, product application engineering training, after-sales services training, customized distributed energy system solutions, biogas renewable energy system solutions, and turnkey projects.The goal of all of our staff in PowerLink is to provide users with advanced, environmental, safe and valuable green energy products and systems. The code of conduct for all of our staff in PowerLink is to be highly efficient, professional, honest, innovative, and responsible. We are willing to work together with energy institutions and contractors around the world to create value for investors and to provide the society with efficient and clean energy.