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Pig Farm Waste to Energy Biogas Utilization Solution

Title: Projects/ Agriculture area

Pig Farm: "Waste recycling and utilisation" Environment and Energy Solution

Project Background

Location of the project: Shanghai, China
Application: Pig Farm
Gas Type: Biogas
A pig farm in Songjiang, Shanghai, with a production of 12,000 pigs in a year. A lot of feces and sewage were produced during the breeding process. Biogas is generated by anaerobic fermentation, and the average daily biogas production is about 2400. The farm has a large demand for electricity, which is used to supply power to raise pigs and for power equipment. They also have a large demand for hot water, which is used of keeping the anaerobic fermentation tank warm.
Farm electricity was originally supplied by the grid, which is required throughout the day; hot water is heated by natural gas and needs continuous supply too. This resulted the farm to spend a lot of money on electricity and natural gas every year. At the same time, biogas emissions was polluting the surrounding environment, which is not in line with environmental regulations.

Construction Details

POWERLINK Biogas Pre-treatment Equipment Model:DB100-BG/50Hz Biogas treatment capacity:100m³/h
POWERLINK Biogas Co-generation unit Model:GXC200C-BG Biogas treatment capacity:200 kWe
POWERLINK heat distribution management equipment is used for heat energy distribution, one load is to the anaerobic fermentation tank insulation, and another is to the heat softened water in the steam boiler.

Schematic Diagram

Powerlink provides complete solutions for the farm, including anaerobic fermentation system, gas pre-treatment (desulphurisation, drying, pressurisation) equipment, biogas co-generation unit, heat distribution equipment.

All the above equipment are of modular structures, occupying a small area, with short installation time, and can be started quickly. It is also safe and stable, along with a low cost of operation and maintenance. The electrical efficiency is at 35.5%, with the thermal efficiency at 48.3%, which makes the total efficiency of 83.8%. It can generate 1400 MW of electricity every year, producing 77,000 tons of hot water at 85 °C.

Project Characteristics and Benefits

After the implementation of the scheme, the impact of the farm on the surrounding environment was reduced, the farm was provided with abundant electric and thermal energy, and the energy expenditure was reduced accordingly. The surplus electricity is transferred to the grid, which brings direct profits to the farm.

The farmer said: "The operation and maintenance of the whole set of biogas co-generation equipment, we have taken full custody service, and PowerLink took all the responsibility of managing and monitoring. Up to now, excellent quality and meticulous service have brought us considerable economic benefits.

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