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Airport Natural Gas CCHP Application

Title: Project / Business Field

Airport Natural Gas Co-generation Application -Energy Effective Utilisation

Project Introduction

Project location: Russia

Applications: Public places

Gas Type: Natural Gas

The project is located in an airport. The Power Link natural gas CCHP unit of 400 kWe was selected. The main energy demand is electric.Which means the output energy of the unit is primarily electricity, thermal energy being the secondary, this helps the airport to meet its electricity demands.

Equipment Selection

  • Powerlink Natural Gas CHP Unit Model:GXC400S-NG
  • Powerlink Natural Gas CHP Unit Voltage:400V
  • Powerlink Natural Gas CHP Unit Frequency:50Hz
  • Powerlink Natural Gas CHP Unit Output Electric Power:400 kW
  • Powerlink Natural Gas CHP Unit Output Heat Power:430 kW

Schematic Diagram

The energy utilisation of the CCHP unit in the airport within one year is as follows: lighting 23%, refrigeration 21%, heating 20%, equipment/tools 19% (including registration, baggage handling, etc.), meal preparations 10%, computer 5%, hot water 2%. Total electricity demand is at 57%, along with heat and cold load at 43%.

Project Characteristics and Benefits

  • Noise

    The industrial muffler can reduce the noise value of 12-20dBA. With soundproof cotton installed internally , the unit can effectively reduce the noise.
  • Emission

    Meet the requirements of being environmentally friendly : lean combustion technology reduces CO2 emissions. Compared with the general engine, the thermal efficiency can be increased by more than 8%. Effectively reduce emissions of CO and HC, and inhibit the high temperature conditions which will prevent the production NOx.
  • Running

    The annual continuous running time can reach up to 7000 hrs, and with the overhaul cycle at 32000 hrs. The cost of maintenance can be greatly reduced, which shortens the payback period of the investment
  • Labour cost

    Unattended power station has a remote self-start function, this reduces labour cost.
  • Others

    The power generated by the unit can satisfy the electricity demand of the users. At the same time, the water jacket of the engine and the large amount of heat energy from the exhaust can be fully recovered and utilised through the heat exchanger, waste heat boilers, refrigerators, etc., so as to provide heating and cooling to the users

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