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Financial Solutions

Whether you are in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, commerce, construction, forestry, mining, shipping, industry, oil and gas exploitation, or in government, banks, enterprises and institutions, We can customise the most suitable financial solution for you, to help your project to develop and solve any financial issues.

As an energy equipment manufacturer and service provider, we understand your unique needs. Therefore, we offer the following solutions:

Finance Lease

This relates to the equipment for rental purposes. The initial purpose to provide this service is to enable us to deliver the product to you, and put into operation in a relatively short amount of time. You will be in charge of the equipment selection, and PowerLink will be responsible for product delivery, along with our financial experts to provide financial support for you.

You may need our products urgently for emergency activities, but may also encounter insufficient funds or excessive financial pressure at the same time. Therefore, we offer a "use now, pay later" service. So that the equipment can be used as scheduled, and pay back your rental fees on a regular basis.

Energy Performance Contracting

That is, contractual energy-saving investment mode, in order to reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency. As an energy unit, you will directly use the generated energy and pay the energy cost.

As an investment unit of energy-saving services, we will be responsible for the investment, installation, operation and the trusteeship service of equipment.

After your full understanding of our products and markets, we are willing to provide more financial support and flexible solutions to financial distress.

Agents and partners who are interested in working with PowerLink are welcome. We will support our customers through complementary products and services.

If you have any questions, please contact us online or email to info@powerlinkworld.com.