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Diesel Generator Used as a Standby Power Solution for…

You may remember that a while ago an OEM partner of ours supplied four 550kva generators as part of a satellite launch facility in northern Australia which would be used by NASA as part of a multi-year launch programme.

Feb 27 2024 Learn More
Feb 28 2024

An Aquacultural Application for a Cogeneration Unit

As we have discussed in many blog posts and social media posts over the years, our cogeneration units are an extremely versatile product, that can be used across multiple different industries and satisfy the heat and power needs of our customers.

Jan 09 2024

How Does a Natural Gas Generator Work?

In today’s world where an uninterrupted power supply is critical to every industry, business and even home, generators play a vital role. Among the many types of generators, natural gas generators are popular for their efficiency, cleanliness and reliability.

May 09 2024

How Lighting Towers Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Lighting is an important aspect of any construction site, providing workers with light to perform tasks safely and efficiently. Lighting towers not only provide bright, reliable lighting, but they also offer a range of benefits that help create a safer working environment

Oct 09 2023

What Engines Are Used in PowerLink Generators?

At PowerLink, we are often asked about the engines that we use in our diesel generators. Since we provide generators that range from 7KVA – 3750KVA we of course need to ensure we use engines that are suitable to meet the power needs of our customers across the full range.

Sep 19 2023

Can You Be Free From Power Outages with Small Power Range Generators?

With the advanced development of the social economy, outdoor activities have become more and more frequent, and no matter if working while away or when travelling, people need electricity for their light, the power supply of their equipment and transportation.

Sep 18 2023

What’s the Fuss over Diesel Generator Emission Standards?

Throughout the past 30 years, growing concerns for the environment and the impact of diesel engine emissions have led to regulations and standards being developed aimed at reducing emissions, with each region developing their own emission regulation standards. Both the USA and the UK/EU have operational emissions standards for diesel engines.

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