With over 25 years of experience in the energy industry, PowerLink has become a leading power products supplier that focuses on designing and manufacturing diesel generators, gas generators, CHP units, lighting towers, air compressors, battery and energy saving products.

Diesel to Power

Quality Diesel generators 5-4000KVA comply with global emissions and electrical standards

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Gas to Power

Efficient Gas gensets 10-2000KW covering power generation and cogeneration

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Air Power

Reliable air compressors with pressure 8-25 bar and 109-1250cfm/min air flow

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Lighting Tower

Rental Lighting towers with LED lights for mining and construction applications

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Battery System

Battery & Hybrid power system provide stable and UPS power supply

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Genuine Parts

Genuine and original parts for each product category available to supply

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A creative manufacturer of energy products

PowerLink is committed to the design and production of high-quality products, with 1 R&D center and 3 manufacturing plants worldwide, and has launched high-quality diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, gas cogeneration, lighting towers, air compressors, batteries and hybrid power systems and other products.

PowerLink has been recognized as a leading specialist manufacturer in the energy equipment industry, emphasizing superior performance and reliable quality. We can offer products made in the UK and China, depending on where the plant is located, to meet a wide range of emissions standards.

Customer feedback and satisfaction have always given us confidence in the high reliability and performance of PowerLink products after many years of use in the project site.

Global trade

We do international trade for over 25 years to provide energy worldwide.

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Development Strategy

PowerLink has more than 218 sales service providers in more than 98 countries.

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Always Trusted

Mutual Trust is the top priority for every business cooperation partership.

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Our reputation is built on the principle of being a world leader in the engine driven energy equipment industry for more than 25 years. Heavy investment in Research and Development combined with Innovation have all contributed to get us where we are today. Made in UK and Made in China products are available.

R&D Center

1 R&D Center

International Companies

5 International Companies

Manufacturing Facilities

3 Manufacturing Facilities

Dealers Worldwide

218+ Dealers Worldwide


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All products provided by our company are energy products welcome to contact us