Rental Power

As a professional energy equipment manufacturer since 1999, PowerLink has used our experience and expertise to help global rental customers meet specific requirements.

Our RG series diesel generator sets, with power range of 10-1875KVA, is a power solution developed for the rental market with small range, medium range and large range. PowerLink Rental Power Solutions provides temporary, emergency and backup generator rentals for all industries including warehouses, restaurants & hospitality, data centers, marine, film production, concerts and special events. We have delivered many rental diesel generators to rental companies in the power generation market.



· Tough and Robust

· Convenient operation

· Low emissions

· Low noise

· Long time running

· Easy loading and unloading


Powerlink specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of gas energy products to provide customers with customized and high-quality services.

MS Series Lighting Tower


Diesel Gensets

Our RG series diesel generator sets, with a power range of 10-1875 kVA, are small, medium and large range power solutions developed for the rental market. PowerLink Rental Power solutions provide temporary, emergency, and backup generator rentals for all industries, such as warehouses, restaurants and hotels, data centers, Marine, film production, concerts, and special events. We have delivered many leased diesel generators to leasing companies in the power generation market.

  • Tough and Robust
    Tough but light-weight steel canopy enclosure
  • Low noise
    Super lower sound attenuation levels without compromising performance.
  •  Low emissions
    EU stage IIIA, meeting the emission standards of EU and USA diesel generator sets
  • Long time running
    Fully-bunded long range fuel tanks are available
MS Series Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower

PowerLink offers a range of portable, compact, durable and versatile lighting tower for rental. If road construction requires lighting, mining or construction site projects require high intensity lighting, outdoor activities or even first aid situations where there is no other electrical infrastructure and environmental conditions require lighting, our products can help you.

  • Easy to Move
  • Easy Inspection and Maintenance
  • Smart Control Panel
  • Kubota engine meets the needs of harsh operation

All products provided by our company are energy products welcome to contact us