Mining Power

A large number of mechanical equipment are concentrated in the mining field, which cannot be separated from the energy drive. PowerLink has been specializing in the development and manufacturing of energy equipment since 1999, and with a wide range of energy products to choose from, we use our experience and expertise to help customers around the world meet their specific needs.

Diesel Genset

Diesel Genset

PowerLink Diesel  Generator Power range 6KVA~4000KVA, which can effectively provide power to meet mining projects use, because of its robustness, strongness, galvanized canopy, easy movement,  quick installation and convenient maintenance.

  • CE Certification
  • IS0 Certification
  • Warranty
  • Low Noise Design
  • LOGO + Strict Test
Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower

Depending on the actual working conditions of the mine, we can provide diesel powered lighthouses and solar powered lighthouses with automatic, timed and manual control modes to meet the specific needs of customers.

  • 300000 luminous
  • Icon + Smart Control Panel
  • Icon +Easy Inspection and Maintenance
  • Icon +Easy to Move
  • Icon +Customized Optional Mechanical and Electrical Configuration
  • Icon +Space-Saving
Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

PowerLink energy storage system adopts advanced systems with intelligent energy scheduling and management, storing clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and grid, providing customers with high-quality electricity with a power range of 12-500kW and a battery capacity of 20-689kWh. This is a new and better option for mining applications.

  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Fast Start-up
  • Use and maintenance costs are low, close to zero.
  • Storage of clean energy such as light, wind and power grids
  • Quieter
Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Air compressor in the mining site also has a large number of use, air compressor is the gas compression energy storage, play the role of power source drive, widely used in a variety of mining machinery and equipment, greatly improve the production efficiency of mining, and reduce the use of labor.

  • LOGO+Excellent safety performance
  • LOGO+Easy to Move
  • LOGO+Easy Maintenance
  • LOGO+Space-Saving

All products provided by our company are energy products welcome to contact us