BSW Series

BSW series hybrid energy storage equipment is composed of photovoltaic power generation, wind turbine, battery and other components, suitable for residential, small commercial, island power and other scenarios. Power optional 12/16kW, battery capacity 20-30kWh.

BSW Series
BSW Series
BSW Series

Product Features

Model Syterms Output Power Battery Input Capacity Wind Turbine Input Grid Power Input Solar Power Capacity Specifications
kVA kW kWh W kVA kW KW
BSW12S 12 12 20 2000 12 12 16
BSW16S 16 16 30 2000 16 16 21
BSW12S3 12 12 20 2000 12 12 16

Product Views

BSW Series-Range of Applications

BSW products are suitable for residential, small business, island and other scenarios.

  • Peak regulation
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • On / off grid operation
  • Change power station

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