PHE Series

PHE series is a mobile mixed-energy equipment, powered by the municipal power grid, photovoltaic and diesel generator sets, the equipment is economical and energy-saving, the power range is 50-500kW, the battery capacity is 80-689kWh.

PHE Series
PHE Series
PHE Series
Energy Storage System for Community Power Supply

Product Features

Model Syterms Input and Output Battery Capacity Solar Power  Capacity Specifications
kVA kW kWh KW
PHE63 63 63 80 30
PHE100 100 100 123 30
PHE200 200 200 230 50
PHE300 300 300 230 50
PHE400 400 400 460 100
PHE500 500 500 689 100

Product Views

PHE Series-Range of Applications

PES products have a wide range of application scenarios to ensure the continuity and reliability of electricity consumption.

  • Peak regulation
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • On / off grid operation
  • Change power station

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