PowerLink Air Power Solution

PowerLink screw air compressors provide users with high quality compressed air. Exhaust pressure is 8bar-25bar, exhaust volume is 60-1500cfm/min, 3.1m³-34.8m³/min. The core components of PowerLink compressed air products are self-developed intelligent control system and high-quality international brand engines such as Kubota, Cummins and PowerLink, etc., with excellent performance, stable operation, high efficiency, cost-effective, long service life, low maintenance costs. At present, it has been widely used in municipal, factory, leasing, mining, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other leasing gas supply fields. ASME certificate has passed the standard configuration certification.

There are TWO types, Diesel Driven Air compressor and Motor Driven Air Compressor.

Classification 1

Diesel driven
Air Compressor

PowerLink diesel drive screw air compressor pressure range: 8bar ~ 25bar, can provide high quality compressed air volume up to 35m³/min and 1500cfm/min, air compressor products have strong power, stable performance, high efficiency and environmental protection characteristics, there are two kinds of fixed and mobile structures.

Air Compressor

Classification 2

Motor driven
Air Compressor

PowerLink motor driven air compressors provide compressed air from 10m³ to 43m³/min in a power range of 75-250KW. Coupled with a simple operating system, the machine can be up and running easily and quickly.

Air Compressor

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