An Aquacultural Application for a Cogeneration Unit

As we have discussed in many blog posts and social media posts over the years, our cogeneration units are an extremely versatile product, that can be used across multiple different industries and satisfy the heat and power needs of our customers.

One such example is this European customer who enquired about a cogeneration unit that can help provide heat and power to their fish farm. After consulting with our team, the decision was made by the customer to opt for one of our CG520C-NG units. These containerised units, which are powered by natural gas can provide 520kw of electrical power and 647kw of thermal power to the customer’s aquaculture property.

One question you may have with this product is “Why would a fish farm need a cogeneration unit?” Well to start, by utilising the heating element of the water to heat up the pools at the farm, a consistently heated water temperature is proven to help the metabolic function of most fish species, especially one bred at fish farms, while the electrical element of the cogeneration unit will be able to provide power to all necessary areas of the fish farm, making this particular fish farm a self-sustaining aquacultural property.

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